Before proceeding with the transaction, I must inform you that I can receive the payment through Bank Wire or face to face. I’m not a dealer, but I have sold more than 50 watches in the past. Here is a list of references in case you’re interested!

Instagram: You can find my personal collection profile @heritagewatches_

Reddit: I’m an active member in the r/watchexchange community, my references will come up by typing my username in the searchbar.

Facebook: I have sold in these groups in the past.

  • The Watch Association of Traders 
  • Rolex Buy Sell Trade
  • Rolex Collectors World 
  • Rolex Owners Forum 

Chrono24: I have sold and shipped internationally through this app, I can provide screenshots of the previous transactions and they will match the watches on my Instagram profile.

Rolex Forums: You can find my posts as HeritageWatches